27 Nov 2016

What to consider when choosing your flooring finish

How often do you think about the floor underneath your feet? Most of us only consider our flooring options when it comes time to build or renovate the family home. Given the massive range of options available on the market, it is no wonder that many people find choosing the right flooring for their home a daunting task! Is it better to go with a classic oak floor or invest in some modern parquetry? Would your home benefit from installing low maintenance bamboo flooring? How much maintenance is required?

Making sure that you pick the best solution for your particular needs means considering a range of factors such as any budget limitations, your own personal sense of style, the durability of the floor and what purpose the room serves. In this article, we have addressed three of the major issues people must consider when deciding which flooring is going to suit their lifestyle the best.

We hope that this advice helps you to choose the most appropriate flooring solution for your family.



Your Space

Perhaps the most important aspect to consider when first deciding upon a flooring option is exactly what room the floor is intended for. A kitchen is going to need flooring that is easy to clean, hard wearing, moisture resistant and functional. Aesthetics, comfort and allergy resistance are especially important when choosing the flooring for spaces where you spend a great deal of time, such as your living room or bedroom. For high traffic areas such as hallways, timber floors could be a great solution as they are highly durable.

Consider Your Style

Are you aiming for a warm and classic look for your home? Or are you striving for a sleek and modern feel? Giving careful consideration to the overall style of your home will make choosing a floor much easier. Colour and texture are also important details to think about. For example, installing a darker coloured floor in a smaller room will make the space seem cramped and uninviting. Opting instead for a lighter shade will open up the room and create a more airy and welcoming ambience.

Flooring is a big investment that will last for years and plays a huge role in determining the character of a room. Time spent making careful decisions now may save you stress, time and money in the future.

Consider Your Budget

As always, a major concern when thinking about what flooring option is right for you is the cost involved. It is worth taking the time to find out exactly what the square metre price is for both the material itself and the installation of your floor. Cheaper is not always better! A less expensive option may not wear as well or fit in with your d?r as well as a superior quality product will.

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