Floating floors instantly enhance any interior space providing a no fuss, pre-finished, ready to walk on floor.

The range at Hilux Flooring includes solid strandwoven bamboo, engineered blackbuttt + spotted gum, laminates and engineered oak flooring.

These boards are prefinished with the latest water based non-toxic European coatings and are faster to install than traditional timber floors. The floor is not adhered to your subfloor, it is simply floated over an underlay placed on top of the subfloor. This method requires no glue and the tightly locked joints ensure an efficient installation that is also low maintenance.

The engineered oak + engineered timber boards are made with layers of plantation plywood where the top layer has a 3mm - 6mm timber veneer that is re-sandable and very stable for Australian conditions. The board thickness varies from 14mm to 22mm. Our range is produced from natural timber sourced from sustainably managed forests and made with non-toxic materials.

These boards are ideal for multi-level units where sound proofing is important, for further reading, please refer to our Underlay Considerations.

Hilux Flooring is your one stop shop for timber flooring in Sydney. If you're looking for the latest on trend flooring, please contact our team. We are passionate about floors and design and strive to deliver quality installations.
Talk to us about your flooring needs and let us find the perfect floor for your home, office, or business. Our experts will be happy to listen to your design preferences and find the best solution for you.

Our Timber Flooring

Our difference starts with our great range. We have a huge range of beautiful flooring for you. Our range includes:
Solid Bamboo – naturally beautiful and durable with a hardness rating of >14kN and R10 slip resistance rating, this is the modern designer’s dream in high-end flooring for homes and commercial spaces
Engineered Oak – available in a large range of colours and an unmistakable warmth and patina that will compliment any interior. They are low maintenance and are backed by a 20 year warranty.
Parquetry or Herringbone Oak Collection – timeless European Engineered Oak with an authentic appeal to compliment any interior whether contemporary or classic. An unrivalled beauty for the most demanding home or office

Our Services

We also provide our clients with a full range of services for commercial and residential projects. Hilux do more than supply quality floors, we make sure they are perfect for your space and offer installation by our skilled team you can rely on.
Turn to Hilux Flooring for:
* Flooring installation
* Professional workmanship quality standards
* Expert advice and guidance for all your flooring needs
* Strictly best practice ethical conduct of work and business
* Help with your DIY flooring needs

Types of Underlay

Quiet Step Combi-Lay * Quiet Step is made up of a high-density polyolefin copolymer resin. This effectively reduces the hollow and often clunky foot noise associated with floating floors.
Standards:LnW+C1 = 44 Thickness: 2mm

Angel Step Gold 8 Underlay by Acoustica * Angel Step is an underlay 8mm thick made up of two main materials. These are a unique, sound absorbent laminate and a resilient cross-linked microcellular foam.
Standards:LnW+C1 = 36+1 Thickness: 8mm

Note: Individual results will vary, depending on slab thickness etc. We recommend you consult an acoustic engineer prior installation.

Hilux Flooring installs many types of floors all around Sydney. Whether it is on the North Shore or in the Eastern Suburbs, we can help you.

Our process is transparent, friendly, professional and efficient. When you work with us you will get the best flooring products as well as a seamless installation in your home.

Our Timber Flooring Installation Service
When you buy your floor from us it is installed by our own specialist and experienced crew. We maintain professional and quality workmanship, a team you can rely on to ensure you are happy with your floors for many years. The floors within our range:
solid Strandwoven Bamboo, Engineered Oak, Parquetry or Herringbone Oak, Engineered Blackbutt and Spotted Gum, Laminates and various timbers for Outdoor Decks.
To complement your beautiful new floor, we also supply and install stair treads/risers in the same timber - this is a natural choice and gives a seamless look.

How We Install Your New Timber Flooring
Our flooring installation process is transparent.

* We inspect your site and ensure accurate measurement of your floor space.
* We check your sub-floor to assess your installation requirements.
* We provide a quote for your flooring and installation, backed by our warranty for product quality and workmanship.
* You confirm your selection of flooring and your acceptance of our quote.
* We install your new floor.

This type of installation is site specific and depends on the sub floor's condition. Following a site inspection, Hilux Flooring is able to advise whether this installation method is a suitable option.
Sub floor types include: tiled floors, structurally sound existing timber floors, plywood etc..

Before installing such a floor, the sub floor must be dry and level to Australian standards. It must be free from dirt, oil and impurities or other substances. Surface grinding may improve glue adhesion.

Firstly a moisture barrier primer would be applied to the sub floor and allowed to dry for at least 8 hours.

Secondly a low VOC adhesive is applied using a 6mm notched trowel to produce a 4mm bead height. The floor boards are then installed onto this surface.

Please note that Hilux Flooring does not recommend this type of timber flooring installation for DIY projects.

Flooring underlays are the bases on which a floor is installed. For sound management, acoustic underlays are required to be installed in multi-level apartments.

The Building Code of Australia (BCA) requires that all flooring assemblies be tested to determine their acoustic performance. The acoustic performance is measured in terms of LnW+C1 that describes the impact sound insulation. The minimum requirement set by the BCA is 62dB (based over a 150mm reinforced concrete subfloor laid in combination with a timber floor). The lower the dB rating, the better the acoustic performance of the floor.

At Hilux, we are able assist with the approval process and offer a wide range of tested underlays that reduce reflected noise to suit individual requirements and following an acoustic engineer's tapping test. We have experience in Body Corporate approval processes and can assist in meeting your project requirements and can recommend an acoustic engineer to conduct the required testing for you.

To learn more about underlays, please visit our Technical Links page.