Sales & Warranty

Where Can I See Your Terms and Conditions of Sale?

Our complete terms and conditions are available on this page.

How Long is My Quote Valid for?

30 days. Please note that refunds for deposits are not available after this date.

I have changed My Mind. I Want a Different Type of Flooring. What Do I Do?

That is fine if you have not confirmed your selection. We can provide a new quote based on your new choice. If you have confirmed your floor type, a new quote will be issued, please also refer to our Terms and Conditions regarding costs.

Do You Install Flooring?

Yes. You can organise your timber flooring installation arrangements during the product selection process. We have our own team of experienced installers and pride ourselves on quality workmanship.

Can I Install My Flooring Myself?

Yes. Please note that DIY installation affects product warranty terms and conditions.

What Warranties Apply to My Engineered Oak Flooring?

Please see Warranty, Terms and Conditions sheets for full details. Generally, you will receive:

  1. Manufacturer’s Warranty (conditions apply): Structural Warranty, Lifetime Limited Residential, 10 Year Light Commercial Warranty
  2. Wear Warranty: 20 Year Residential, 5 Year Light Commercial (conditions apply)
  3. Workmanship Warranty (conditions apply)

What Warranties Apply to My Bamboo Flooring?

A limited warranty applies to bamboo flooring. Please refer to Bamboo Flooring Warranty information for full details.