19 Oct 2017

Laminate Flooring

At Hilux, we continue to search for new pharmacy


usa products to suit our clients many needs. We are excited to include KRONOSWISS AQUASTOP to our flooring range.

KRONOSWISS AQUASTOP laminate is made of 100% natural materials, mainly wood. This is a natural product with no risk to health, making it particularly suitable for young children and pets, who are constantly in contact with the floor. KRONOSWISS AQUASTOP is a highly resilient, durable yet attractive floor.

KRONOSWISS AQUASTOP is made to withstand topical moisture such as everyday household spills for at least 48 / 72 hours. Cleaning is easy with a wet mop as well as a vacuum cleaner or a dust mop.

Unbeatable Price vs Performance ratio compared to traditional hard wood floors. A very affordable floor and value for money with long-term cost savings making it the ideal choice for your flooring solution. It