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Timber and bamboo are natural products, dependent on their environment for their colour and characteristics. Variation between individual boards is to be expected and is a part of the beauty of these floors.

Mostfloors will creak occasionally. This is normal and is usually because of atmospheric changes or if a floor has not been walked on for some time.

When timber or bamboo decreases in moisture it will shrink, and when it increases in moisture it will expand. This can cause cupping and movement across the floor.

Cupping is a ripple-like effect that occurs when the top of the board is drier than the bottom. This can be caused by:

  • dampness under the floor, which causes the bottom of the boards to absorb moisture faster than it can be expelled
  • air conditioners/heaters which will dry the top of the boards

The wider a board, the more likely cupping will occur. Do not immediately sand a floor to remove cupping. If you sand too early reverse cupping may occur. However, if you wait for 12-18 months and the cupping has not dissipated you may sand the floor flat.

Movement occurs during times of high or low humidity when your boards will expand or contract because of increased or decreased moisture. This may cause gaps between your boards. The wider the board, the more likely it is to move. If your site has extreme weather conditions it is advised you install a narrower board, which will minimise these effects.

Why is Onsite Measurement So Important for Timber Flooring?

Onsite measurement ensures accuracy in terms of installation specifications. Incorrect measurements may cost you extra money, or result in delays in installation.

I Think There? a Problem with My Timber Flooring. What Do I Do?

Call us ASAP to minimise any possible issues. It? best to get a professional assessment, in case there? a major issue.

How Do I Care for My New Floor? Do You Have Any Tips?

See our basic care and maintenance document for all the critical information about maintaining your timber flooring.

My New Oak Flooring Is Beautiful, but How Do I Keep It Looking Good?

See ourspecial information about oak flooringto keep your floor looking at its best.

Need More Information?

If you want to ask about specific needs, product selection, or anything else about timber flooring,just speak to us. We?l be happy to help.