01 Dec 2016

Our solid Bamboo flooring is an attractive and great alternative to hardwood floors.

Bamboo is harvested at maturity every 5 to 6 years from managed bamboo forests.  All our bamboo boards are pre-finished with 10 layers of a German Treffert finish which means fast installation whether over existing sub floors such as timber or tiles, acoustic underlay or concrete.

Bamboo has a Janka Hardness Rating of >14kN and a R10 slip resistance rating.

These floors are easy to clean and maintain as bamboo flooring doesn’t trap dirt.  Most spills can be cleaned up with a mop or sponge – see also our health Careand Maintenance Guidelines.

Bamboo floors are excellent for allergy sufferers, they have very low emissions; <E1 below world health organisation levels, this results in a very environmentally friendly product.

The boards are available in a wide range of natural colours that are consistent through to the core, except in the instances where surface stains are used to achieve the colour.  Boards are 1830mmL x 125mmW or 135mmW and 14mmT.

Lastly, the natural beauty and durability of bamboo flooring exceeds traditional hardwood floors providing you with a floor that you will enjoy for many years.